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The Story(beginning)

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The Story(beginning)

Post by Kaboo on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:56 pm

The world is coming out of an ice age, for thousands of years creatures have huddled in caves, barely surviving the cold. The great icebergs have melted, leaving vast oceans where they had once sat. As the water went down, it became clear that the once single island had divided into 19 smaller islands. As the air warms and plants grow, the personalities of each island become visible. Chogan has soft grass and fast growing trees, making it a safe and comfortable camp ground, while Crema has sandy beaches and access to the ocean of Oru. There are small boats to travel from island to island. Every creature is taking this new age differently. Some see it as a sign that the world will burn up, others see it as a chance to finally be able to have power and control their own island, and others are content to stay in the underground. Be wary of the island Chiefs. Some may wish you ill.

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